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  1. Mitski - Townie (Stream)

    "It’s been an absolutely monstrous week for great new music and we’re not even halfway through it. First and foremost, it should be noted that Stereogum is now streaming LVL UP’s Hoodwink’d in full (this site’s current front-runner for Album of the Year), along with great new records from Spray PaintLower Plenty, and S. NPR, as always, has a few gems available in their First Listen series, King Tuff’s Black Moon Spell and Perfume Genius’ Too Bright among them. Wander on over to the unending sprawl that is bandcamp and there are a few new things to unearth, like Cancers’ Fatten the Leeches and the unreasonably compelling split that comes courtesy of Follies and Wishbone. Similarly, Pitchfork Advance is offering up an early stream of upcoming stunners from Whirr and Foxes in Fiction, Stay and Ontario Gothic, respectively. On the single song side of things, there were outstanding new tunes that surfaced from site favorites Krill, a revitalized The Twilight Sad, a resurgent The Jazz June, and an intriguing new shoegaze project born out of the Deafheaven camp going by the nameCreepers. As if all of that weren’t enough, there were also standout music videos emerging from a few intriguing corners of the musical spectrum that generally gets covered here, mostly from artists that exist on the fringes of their genre- Kevin Morby,Angel OlsenHiss Golden Messenger on the folksier side of things and the punk-leaning acts being well represented by Pet Sun and PS I Love You.

    With all of that now existing in the world, anything getting the feature spot today had to be spectacular. Mitski (who recently made an introductory appearance on this site viaWatch This) proved up to the challenge with the gnarled-but-beautiful basement pop rager “Townie”. Unsurprisingly, this song (and Bury Me At Makeout Creek, the upcoming record it’s attached to) comes via Double Double Whammy- who, between LVL UP, Follies and Wishbone, Krill, and this, had themselves one hell of a day- cementing that label’s reputation as one of the most exciting things in music. Pulling in an equal amount of influence from punk, post-punk, 90’s scuzz, powerpop, soul, and 50’s pop, “Townie” reveals itself to be something immediate and sublime before the gift of a chorus kicks in. Easily one of 2014’s best songs, it skyrockets the expectations for Bury Me At Makeout Creek and acts as an unforgettable introduction-at-large for Mitski. Everything here works on an extraordinary level, from the floating vocals to the tambourine attack to the feedback screeches to the fucking theremin section. “Townie” is as defiant as it is triumphant, adding an impressive amount of gravity with an unflinchingly honest lyric set. Package it all together and it becomes something completely irresistible that approaches levels of transcendence. Music doesn’t get much better than this.”

  2. "Women are still in emotional bondage as long as we need to worry that we might have to make a choice between being heard and being loved."

     - Marianne Williamson  (via cyber-butterfly)

    (Source: occult101, via sylmatil)

  3. Exclusive Song Premiere and Interview: 'Townie,' Mitski

    thanks sasha geffen for the nice words / thanks world

  4. Anonymous said: hiya! when will preorders go up for bury me at makeout creek (assuming there will be a physical copy)? im sooo into it


    Preorders for 12” vinyl up next week!

    hell yeah here it is

  5. tryna make my tiny room comfy tryna make my tiny room comfy
    High Resolution

    tryna make my tiny room comfy

  6. wickedtongues said: Hey, I was wondering if you had any more information about your Grand Rapids show because I really hope I can attend!

    hey! this is the FB event: it would be awesome to see you there and if you come I hope you say hi :))

  7. official music video for “first love / late spring”

  8. tour / shows

    ok here are all my upcoming shows that i’m allowed to announce. *asterisks* mean i’m touring w LVL UP <3

    *10/2 Brooklyn @ The Silent Barn
    *10/9 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Mr. Roboto Project
    *10/10 Cleveland, OH @ Mahalls Basement
    *10/11 Grand Rapids, MI @ Bike Shop
    *10/12 Chicago, OH @ Beat Kitchen
    *10/14 Kansas City, MO @ Art Closet Studios
    *10/15 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
    *10/16 Salt Lake City, NE @ The Loading Dock
    *10/17 Boise, ID @ The Crux
    10/24 CMJ (!!) @ The Silent Barn

  9. megnasnax:

    Mitski 9/6 @ Cameo Gallery


    this was last night 

  10. "

    What I will show is the boy reaching an understanding of the girl, and the process of the girl’s heart opening up to the boy.

    In the end the girl may say to the boy, ‘I love you, Ashitaka. But I can’t forgive human beings.’

    The boy will smile and say, ‘That’s alright. Won’t you live together with me?’

    This is the kind of film I want to make.